Milk Thistle Extract

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Select high-quality milk thistle seeds, adopt international leading and patent technology, low temperature pure physical method to extract, ensure its active ingredients, highly modern production equipment and strict quality control, can provide customers with high purity and high quality products.

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Botanical source: Milk thistle seeds
Health function: protect liver from toxic substances, especially alcohol, promote protein synthesis, accelerate the production of new liver cells, and repair damaged liver cells, known as the “natural liver protection medicine”. It also has strong anti-oxidation, anti-aging and anti-radiation effects, widely used in medicine, health care products, cosmetics, food and so on.
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【The benefits of Lutein include】
☆ Protect liver cell membrane and improve the liver functions
☆ Be used for treating hepatitis
☆ Used to detoxify, reduce the blood fat, and be good for gallbladder
☆ To protect the brain and remove the free radical of body
☆ Regenerating liver cell
☆ Anti-atherosclerotic
☆ Strong antioxidant, can remove the body of free radicals, delay senescence

Milk Thistle Extract Silymarin ≥80 UV
Milk Thistle Extract Silymarin ≥50% HPLC
Milk Thistle Extract Silybin & Isosilybin ≥ 30% HPLC

Keep away from strong light and heat; in cool, dry place; full and tight package, shelf life is over 36 months in original unopened package. Once opened use contents quickly.

25kg/carton drum


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