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About CCGB

Platform& Qualification
Science and Technology Award
System and Certifications​
Employee Structure

Chen Guang Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which focus on extracting effective ingredients from natural plants, we mainly develop and produce 4 big categories including more than 80 products.
▷Natural Colors
▷Spice extracts and Essential oils
▷Nutritional and Pharmaceutical Extracts
▷Oils and Protein
Our products are widely used in food, cosmetics, baking, beverages, health care and feed industries.
Our main markets are Europe, Americas, Australia and China, Russia, Japan, Korea and other countries in Asia and Africa.

Platform& Qualification

National key leading enterprise on agricultural industrialization
Demonstrated Enterprise Of Manufacture Champion In Single Industry
National High-Tech Enterprise
National Technology Innovation Demo Enterprise
National Enterprise of Credit
National Industrial Brand Cultivation Demo Enterprise
Application Benchmark Of National Industrial Enterprise Intellectual Property

National Technology Center
Postdoctoral Research Station
Chilli Processing Key Laboratory of Ministry of Agriculture
National and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory
Academician Workstation
Provincial Research Center of Engineering Technology

Science and Technology Award

Key technologies and industrialization of extraction and separation of natural products of Chilli
obtained Second prize of National Science and Technology Award in 2014
Key Technology Innovation and Application of Tomato Processing Industrialization
Obtained Second prize of National Science and Technology Award in 2017
Process production and equipment research and development and industrialization of paprika oleoresin and capsicum oleoresin
won the first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award from China National Light Industry Council in 2011.
Key technology development and application of natural lycopene production
won the first prize of China light industry union of technical invention in 2012.
Key technology innovation and industrialization of cottonseed’s comprehensive utilization
won first prize of Hebei province science and technology progress in 2013
Capsicum Deep processing quality control of key Technical Research And Industrialization
won special prize of national Commercial science and technology progress in 2013
First Prize Of National Enterprise Management Modernization Innovation Achievements in 2012
Hebei Provincial Government Quality Award in 2013

System and Certifications​

CCGB is certified by BRC, cGMP, National Laboratory (CNAS), ISO9001, ISO22000, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, KOSHER, HALAL, FAMI-QS, CMS, SEDEX, FDA registration of USA and intellectual property management system certification.
Our products, meeting the FAO and WHO request ,and after more than ten years’ efforts, ChenGuang by relying on its own strength has enhanced Chinese pigment status in the world, making China a world leader in the production of paprika oleoresin. From nothing to international advanced level, Chenguang is always keeping on improving.

Employee Structure

CCGB attaches importance to the person with ability. Currently, ChenGuang Biotech now has more than 100 high level professionals, including Experts with Special Allowance by the State Council, Experts of Hundred/Thousand/Ten Thousand Talents Project , High Level Experts of the Provincial 3/3/3 Program, Young Professionals, people with PhD or Master's degrees, and other technical specialists. Among all of the employees, the number of undergraduate or above account for more than 44%.

CCGB’s development vision: build a world’s natural extracts industrial base and contribute to human health!

Excellent quality, nature leads! The company is willing to take the strength of all staff, with our innovation, compose new articles to make greater contributions to the development of social economy and human health!
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CCGB Core Value

Shareholders, customers, suppliers and partners, employees and society all benefit from the company's development and maximize multiple benefits. At the same time, we will keep pace with the times and achieve win-win cooperation.

Ccgb & Employees
Ccgb & Employees

The company is closely related to the vital interests of each employee. The employees work actively not only for the company's development, but also for their own future. The company respects employees, protects employees' rights and interests, and builds a platform suitable for each employee's own development. The process of enterprise progress is also the process of employee improvement!


While developing, CCGB strives for excellence and continuously provides customers/partners with products that exceed quality. For the sake of customers/partners, CCGB adhere to the win-win cooperation and achieves common and eternal development.


With the "One Belt One Road" initiative
CCGB is actively responding to national initiatives and implementing the “Agriculture Going Global” strategy;
Established factories in India and Zambia to develop planting bases;
Actively promote international economic, cultural and technological exchanges and cooperation;

Industrial Poverty Alleviation and Rural Revitalization
As a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, CCGB actively plays a leading role in demonstration;
In Xinjiang and Hebei Province, CCGB develops plant base, adjusts local agricultural structure, and increases farmers' income;
CCGB drives 300,000 farmers to increase their income by nearly 2 billion yuan each year;

Donation in Education
CCGB is very focused on the development of education;
We established a "Chenguang Scholarship" and set up a teaching reform base to support poor students;
Over the years, our donations in education have reached more than one million RMB.

Environmental Protection& Circular Economy
CCGB is very concerned about the comprehensive utilization of environmental protection and resources;
CCGB is adhering to the circular economy, using every part of the plant to do the natural extraction.
Through the concept innovation and technological innovation, we have realized the "zero" cost of lycopene and grape seed extract production;

Build the world's natural extracts base,Contribute to human health!

Natural product extracts, with its safety, greenness and health, have become a promising sunrise industry.
The good raw material base, superior development environment, large-scale, low-cost production advantages and high-end research and development, quality control capabilities are the solid foundation for the development of CCGB.
The success of paprika oleoresin is only the beginning of our company . In order to adapt to the new life concept: returning to nature and paying attention to nutrition and health, we has defined our own development orientation - using biotechnology to enter the health industry and commit to contribute to human health.

“Three Step”developing stragety
Big Health Industry
“Three Step”developing stragety

For future development, we presently are working on the resources deployment for the 3'rd Step of our routemap: 1'st Step, natural colors; 2'nd Step, expand for other plant active ingredients extraction; and based upon those advantages, the 3'rd step is for nutrition products and Chinese herbal medicine production, moving into the big health industry.

Big Health Industry

On the basis of high-quality raw materials for natural product extracts, CCGB extends the industrial level and combines the efficacy of plant extracts to develop health care products; We effectively integrates plant extraction technology and traditional Chinese medicine theory to modernize Chinese medicine extraction and build domestically influential Health care products, pharmaceuticals  industry base. We are committing to do the health care products, medicines what the people can afford.

Natural Essence for Human Health
——CCGB Mission

We always use advanced science and technology to extract the effective components and essences from natural products, and bring more safety into human life.
We are committed to improving the natural quality of our food and meeting the needs of human health. We hope to protect human health with sincere service and quality products, to make life colorful and with happiness.

Be Honest and trustworthy, Work hard

Diligent and innovative

Dedication, Integrity and self-discipline