Marigold extract Lutein

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Chenguang Biotech–World’s important lutein production supplier
A natural extract product rich in the carotenoid Lutein
Large-scale, continuous, and automated production models
Helps Maintain Healthy Eyes and Brain
United States Patent: US 8,921,615,B2

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Botanical Source: Marigold Flower
Carotenoids are well-known for their chemical and biological properties, especially in disease prevention. This carotenoid Lutein is obtained from a

natural source:Marigold flower, through our patented processes (U.S. Patent: US 8,921,615,B2)
Lutein is recommended as a food supplement to provide necessary amounts of this important carotenoid for human health and function. We are not obtaining enough of Lutein from our standard diets.
We plant 13,500 hectare marigold throughout Xinjiang Province, Yunnan Province, India and Zambia. The development patterns of “Company + Base + Acquisition station + Farmers” orders promote farmers large-scale planting, intensive management.
Chenguang Biotech has a self-developed continuous countercurrent extraction equipment, with a daily input of 30 tons, which can provide customers with a stable supply of goods

Reliable Quality Control
We have a high-quality team of testing personnel, advanced testing equipment, and a comprehensive quality testing system.
A quality management system for the entire industrial chain has been established to ensure the reliability and stability of product quality, and product exports comply with US, EU, Japanese, and Korean standards.

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The benefits of Lutein include
☆ Risk reduction of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)
☆ Enhancement of visual function in AMD
☆ Enhancement of visual function
☆ Enhancement of cognitive function
☆ Enhancement of quality of life in patients with Alzheimer’s disease

☆ CCGB has over 33000 acres marigold plant area, material varieties, pesticide residues, antioxidants adding etc. are well controlled
☆ CCGB is a leadership to realize large-scale automatic-production line in China, with high quality
☆ Capacity is 30,000.00kg crystal and the whole chain of crystal, powder, oil suspension, beadlets, with the outstanding quality and stable supply
☆ United States Patent: US 8,921,615,B2
ZL 200710185292.0 ZL 201010557485.6 201210257183.6


☆ Lutein Crystal     75%HPLC & 80%UV/HPLC
☆ Lutein Powder    5% & 10% & 20% & 40%(HPLC/UV)
☆ Lutein Oil    6% & 20% HPLC
☆ Lutein Beadlets    5% & 10% HPLC
☆ Water-soluble Lutein    5% HPLC


Keep away from strong light and heat; in cool, dry place; full and tight package, shelf life is over 24 months in original unopened package. Once opened use contents quickly.


Specification and Usage


5% -50% Tablet 1KG/Alu Bag in 25KG Drum
10%   20% Soft capsule 20KG/HDPE drum with Carton
50%   10% Tablet, hard capsule 1KG/Alu Bag in 25KG Drum
5%   10% Soft capsule, beverage and food 1KG/Alu Bag in 25KG Drum
75%  80% to make powder, oil,beadlets 1KG/Alu Bag in 25KG Drum

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