Zhao Xueyi, Zhang Xiaoyu, report team of the two sessions of this newspaper

“China has repeatedly stressed food security and insisted that the Chinese people’s livelihood should be firmly in their own hands at all times. This puts forward higher requirements for ensuring food security. To really do this, first, we should rely on scientific and technological innovation to make full use of domestic agricultural resources; second, we should go out and make good use of agricultural resources all over the world.” On the eve of the opening of the two sessions in 2022, Lu Qingguo, deputy to the National People’s Congress and chairman of Chenguang biology, told the reporter of Securities Daily.

Lu Qingguo said that China’s basic national condition is that the per capita arable land resources are far lower than the world average. At the same time, the overall shortage of agricultural resources restricts the resources available to agricultural product processing enterprises to a certain extent in order to ensure national food security.
“In this context, the going out of leading agricultural product processing enterprises is conducive to saving domestic limited agricultural resources and better promoting the development of China’s agricultural product processing enterprises.” Lu Qingguo suggested that the state should give some support to agricultural products processing enterprises going out.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to recommending leading agricultural products processing enterprises to go global, Lu Qingguo also suggested supporting the planting of traditional Chinese medicine to go global, so as to alleviate the phenomenon of “competing with grain for land” in the production of traditional Chinese medicine.

In recent years, the planting area of traditional Chinese medicine has increased explosively, which corresponds to the continuous reduction of cultivated land.

Lu Qingguo told reporters, “in the long run, the competition between medicinal materials and grain is indeed a contradiction. Moreover, many of the planting, collection and subsequent processing stages of traditional Chinese medicine rely on manual work, but with the increasing cost of domestic labor, it is very unfavorable for its future development.”
Lu Qingguo said that he would put forward two suggestions on the development of traditional Chinese medicine: first, expand the centralized collection of traditional Chinese medicine and promote the high-quality development of the traditional Chinese medicine industry; Second, promote the healthy development of traditional Chinese medicine formula granule industry.

Lu Qingguo suggested that we should expand the variety range of centralized purchase of Chinese patent medicines, accelerate the process of centralized purchase in various regions, maximize the centralized purchase of Chinese patent medicines as soon as possible, further optimize the rules for centralized purchase with quantity, technical evaluation and price competition scoring rules, and bring the formula particles of traditional Chinese medicine into the scope of centralized purchase, so as to better promote the development of the industry.

With regard to traditional Chinese medicine formula granules, Lu Qingguo further said, “Due to historical reasons, in the past, pilot enterprises were required to develop more than 400 varieties of traditional Chinese medicine formula granules. This is actually a great waste for enterprises, whether from R & D, production management and sales. The development of traditional Chinese medicine should be divided gradually and appropriately. Each manufacturer should choose one or several varieties with its best advantages to be refined, deep and thorough, which is a kind of health.” Kang’s development model “.

In addition, Lu Qingguo said that he would also put forward relevant suggestions on giving full play to the main role of enterprise scientific and technological innovation, accelerating the registration and approval progress of health food, and supporting the development of industrial marijuana industry.

Post time: Apr-08-2022