Spring is beautiful, the grass is long and the warbler flies, showing the vitality and hope of youth everywhere. On the evening of April 29th, the “party to celebrate the May 1st International Labor Day” held by M&G Biology was held in the studio on the third floor of Ying Hotel. Company leaders, employees and some of their families attended the party.


Chairman Lu Qingguo made a speech at the party. On behalf of the company’s leadership, he expressed his gratitude and festive greetings to the hard-working employees. In his speech, he pointed out that over the past 20 years, M&G has been adhering to the principle of its name, working from dawn to dusk, dedicated and dedicated, and paying no less than anyone else’s efforts, which has made the company develop from a workshop enterprise to an international listed group company with more than 30 subsidiaries. From the only single product of chili red pigment at the beginning, it now has over 100 varieties of six series, three No.1 in the world, and has become a leading enterprise in plant extraction industry. All this can’t be done without the hard work and dedication of all the staff. In the future, the company will continue to adhere to the striver-oriented, inherit and carry forward the spirit of innovation and hard work, uphold the core concept of “people and enterprise development together”, to create a better career platform, so that the staff who want to work, can work have more development opportunities; We should constantly innovate the employment mechanism, optimize the talent environment, strengthen the construction of enterprise culture, guide employees to actively adapt to the new requirements of the development of The Times, and strive to realize the three-step development strategy of the company.


The gala program centered on the theme of “striving for innovation, striving for common development between people and enterprises”. Various kinds of wonderful programs, such as drama, sketch, allegro, cross talk, three and a half sentences, came on stage one after another. The sand painting of M&G’s 20-year financial reporting report tells the great changes of M&G’s financial work. The form of “Morning Light and Shadow” is novel, and the poem recitation “We Are All Strivers” is magnificent and infectious. The short video “our May Day” is full of fun; The three and a half sentences of “Hua Chenguang” are humorous and popular; “Fluorescent Dance” performance is refreshing and dizzying; The chorus “Sing for the New Era” is full of lofty sentiments, which expresses the high morale of M&G employees. The whole party is wonderful, colorful, the party scene atmosphere is warm, thunderous applause!

A party shows the rich and colorful corporate culture of the company. Company from top to bottom get-together, enterprise cohesion continues to improve. This party showed the employees’ longing for the company’s bright future, expressed their love for the company, and expressed the sincere heart of all employees to walk with M&G and roll up their sleeves to work hard!

1. Dance “Never Forget the Beginning”


2. Sketch “Encounters at the Station”


3. Dance “Sparkling Red Star”


4.My Motherland and Me


5. The 20-year Financial Report of M&G


6, song and dance “The Times”


7. Shadow sitcom “Morning Light and Shadows”


8. Dance “Beyond Dreams”


9. Poem recitation “We Are All Strivers”


10. Micro video “Our May Day”


11. Dance “Light Up Your Dreams”


12. Sketch “Happy Gathering a” Sugar”


13. Chorus Song “My Little Baby”


14. Crosstalk Good Morning Light


15. Allegro “Sailing”


16.Three and a Half Sentences of “Words in the Morning Light”


17.Chorus Singing for the New Era


Post time: Jun-08-2021