On December 2, the prize awarding ceremony of Chenguang Group Teaching reform experimental base of xiaohedao primary school was solemnly held. Chenguang biology awarded 93600 yuan to the top three excellent teachers of xiaohehe primary school grade 1-6 in the unified examination of 2019-2020 academic year and the award-winning teachers participating in various competitions. More than 40 teachers were awarded. This is the 11th year in a row that Chenguang biology has funded Xiaohe primary school.
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Han Zhihua, a fifth grade math teacher, won the 7300 yuan award this time. On behalf of the majority of teachers in Xiaohe primary school, she spoke at the ceremony to thank Chenguang biology for the prize. She said that she would live up to her mission in the future work and make great efforts to repay Chenguang biology and Xiaohe primary school with more excellent achievements.

Over the years, Chenguang Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the concept of “people and enterprise co-development”, rich and thinking about education, and has not forgotten the development of home education while becoming bigger and stronger. Since 2009, the company has spent a certain amount of money every year on improving teaching facilities and student appliances in some primary and secondary schools, rewarding excellent teachers, subsidizing excellent poor students in college entrance examination, etc. In 2015, “Chenguang scholarship” was set up in Quzhou No.1 middle school to reward excellent students who were admitted to “985″ University. Over the past ten years, Chenguang biology has donated more than 2 million yuan to help Xiaohe primary school improve school running conditions, award excellent teachers, help more than 50 excellent poor students realize their dream of University, and more than 50 excellent students in the college entrance examination have won the “Chenguang scholarship”, which has won wide praise from the society.

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In the development process of Chenguang biology, it actively undertakes social responsibility and participates in public welfare undertakings. The company has made great contributions in supporting the development of social public welfare undertakings, earthquake relief, local urban construction, transportation and education, and fighting against the epidemic situation, with a total investment of more than 23 million yuan.

Post time: Jan-15-2021